Active for many years as an advisory board, Christine Witthöft will also support family businesses and young technology start-ups on the advisory board, supervisory board and board of directors.

Christine Witthöft has been supporting various organizations in their long-term alignment and digital change for years, and assumes responsibility for growth issues in committee work.


In addition to voluntary advisory board work, it is particularly important to her that companies receive the right impulses for digital transformation and realignment.

Christine Witthöft is particularly interested in over-the-counter family-run corporations in the areas of industry, production and technology due to her expertise.

Thanks to the latest PWC PriceWaterhouseCoopers training courses on new legislation and compliance guidelines equipped with current specialist knowledge.

Start-up companies that have already developed a viable business model and are now setting up an advisory board or supervisory board to support the long-term strategy can actively approach Christine Witthöft for this committee activity.


"I appreciate Christine Witthöft's marketing and strategy expertise on topics such as the digital transformation of business models ...


I have known Christine Witthöft for 20 years. In the past few months, I have been able to use Christine Witthöft's expertise in the field of new digital media and have received new impulses for optimal marketing.


Christine Witthöft also uses her knowledge on a voluntary basis. As the board of the Beiersdorf sports community, we have set up and implemented its realignment. Her pragmatic and targeted manner made a significant contribution to increasing the number of members from 1,300 to 2,100 within a few years. "


Prof. Manuela Rousseau, Supervisory Board Beiersdorf AG and Maxingvest AG

"I would like to thank Christine Witthöft from the sales smithy again for her generous support with ideas and advice and action during the entire duration of the METROPOLITANER project ...


Without their support, this project Metropolitan would not have been possible. The diversity of the Hamburg metropolitan region, the creativity of people and companies has become more visible, and with it the pride in the region and a WE feeling has set in. "


Lutz Bethge, Chairman of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region Advisory Board, former CEO of Montblanc International

Aufsichtsrätinnen Netzwerk Norddeutschland

Christine Witthöft has been active in the network with other female members of the Supervisory Board for years. The purpose of the network is the further education regarding new compliance regulations, liability and replacement of committees as advisory board, board of directors or supervisory board. Some network members are multi-supervisory board members in DAX-listed companies. The network is very close to innovations through lectures and further training at renowned auditing companies.

Christine Witthöft is happy to put you in touch with selected members of the Supervisory Board and looks forward to an exchange and dialogue.

Voluntary advisory board work


Advisory board at the Foundation for Education  


The purpose of the Education Foundation is to promote education and civic engagement for charitable purposes by improving the conditions for pedagogical support and education for children and young people. It strengthens participation and diversity in education, acts independently and on its own responsibility. The Education Foundation works directly at the grassroots level through the nationwide network of sponsoring associations at daycare and schools, strengthens those involved and makes ideas come true on site. The day care center and school actively shape the diverse educational system themselves, oriented towards the respective children and adolescents in their location and thus change society.


The Advisory Board publicly documents the importance of the Education Foundation. This is named by the board. The Education Foundation currently has 12 full-time positions.

“For me, education is everything and the start of a self-sufficient and satisfied life. The Education Foundation in particular manages to promote this nationwide through day care and school projects. Water, rivers, lakes and the sea are very important to me and it is precisely in this area that I find early clarification vital. I look forward to providing public relations impulses and advice and opening up my networks in the Hamburg metropolitan region for the goals of the Education Foundation. ”Christine Witthöft, Advisory Board Foundation Education

Advisory board for the corporate advisory board of the Hamburg Metropolregion

In dialogue with politics and administration, the corporate advisory board brings the interests of companies into the region and advises the regional council with economic experience and regional knowledge. The Pro Metropolregion Hamburg IMH e. V. and its corporate advisory board were founded in June 2013 with the aim of promoting the economic, technological and social development of the metropolitan region as a common economic and living space within the limits defined by the international treaty. The initiative to award the Metropolitan is an important flagship project for future activities of the corporate advisory board.

  • Strengthening the metropolitan region as an economic and social center in the north

  • Increase competitiveness compared to other regions

  • Participation in decision-making processes of the MRH and vice versa

  • Placing business demands on politics

  • Improving the economic environment for more investments and skilled workers

  • Promotion of research and development for the location

Advisory board member of the regional advisory board of Hamburger Sparkasse

The regional advisory board of Hamburger Sparkasse is made up of company owners, district managers, craftsmen, school directors, association presidents, pastors, pharmacists and private individuals. The common goal is to promote development in the districts, to strengthen the region and to take up suggestions. The establishment of networks is intended to improve the situation on site and to promote the voluntary work of the citizens.

Advisory Board of Women Entrepreneurs - Economic Council Germany

The Advisory Board stands for intergenerational exchange in and with the Economic Council. Key issues include increasing the proportion of women in the Economic Council, strengthening / supporting women in business and science, and dual training. Other focal points are the exchange and the network through different event formats for all members

and increasing the attractiveness of the Economic Council for women.

Christine Witthöft is looking forward to new advisory, administrative and supervisory mandates in owner-managed family businesses and young technology start-ups!


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