Success-oriented marketing strategy for your sales plans through experienced marketing consultancy with many years of group experience.


Professional product launches that include the full marketing mix and immediately contribute to sales growth are our strength. We also support you in updating and optimizing your range or offer. Our reflection on 360 ° marketing shows potential for your improved external appearance, such as website, employer branding, search engine text optimization or PR work. From analysis to implementation - everything from a single source. Do you need sales growth? Talk to us, we look forward to your plans!

Marketing consulting

Do you appreciate the marketing experts' view from the outside and want independent reflection and solution concepts? I analyze, structure and quickly identify focus areas for your sales growth with existing resources and structures. If desired, I would be happy to take care of the implementation and project management or I am available as an interim manager.

Your challenges:


  • Years of sales stagnation

  • New customer groups

  • Increasing competition

  • Missing new products

  • Flattening market awareness

Our solution:
  • Strategy workshop

  • Sales and competition analysis

  • Customer and assortment analysis

  • Website, SEO, PR, online marketing and social media concepts

  • Project and interim management

Your advantage:
  • External outside view

  • Sparring partners to make plans with

  • Advanced specialist and manager on your side

  • Broad methodological competence

  • Short-term and sustainable sales increase

New product launch

You want to introduce a new product and you are lacking time and capacity? I work with clear goals and project plans and I know how to motivate to achieve a better team play within your team. Timetables and budgets will be kept as agreed on. I am happy to provide you with new ideas for a successful product launch.

Your challenges:


  • Limited marketing budget

  • Necessary innovations

  • Huge competitive pressure

  • Lacking market awareness

My solutions:
  • Market and competitive analysis

  • Launch strategy

  • Optimal pricing

  • Concepts for SEO, PR, Online Marketing and Social Media

  • Product and Interim Management

Your advantages:
  • Timely product launch

  • New marketing view from the outside

  • Flexible availability

  • Broad methodological competence

  • Short-term and sustainable sales increase

Offer optimization

Your offer needs a refresher? I can provide an outside marketing view on your offer and onto the customer needs. Are you planning assortment changes or price adjustments? I will provide the analysis, customer survey and implementation from a single source and will be more than happy to make your offer more attractive to your customers.

Your challenges:


  • No new products or innovations

  • Portfolio indifferences

  • Customer events, trade fairs and congresses

  • Lack of market awareness

My solutions:
  • Customer analysis and survey

  • Website text and SEO consulting

  • Product refreshment and replenishment

  • PR and opinion leader management

  • Price and profit optimization

Your advantages:
  • Uniqueness

  • Cost effective product life extension

  • Cross-industry market knowledge

  • Competitive advantage

360° Marketing

Sometimes it is difficult and sometimes there is not even time for it: Analyzing the view onto the own marketing from a customers view. To find out more about your appearance and the perception of your uniqueness please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will happily ask for constructive feedback of your customers and will recommend solutions to you after analyzing the outcome.

Your challenges:
  • Sales stagnation or refusal of offers

  • Customers loyalty

  • Outdated non-mobile website

  • Unclear positioning

  • Audience change


My solutions:
  • Recommendation marketing

  • Uncovering the potentials

  • Website and SEO optimization

  • Sales and employee training

  • Modern customer presentations

  • New product ideas 360° Marketing

Your advantages:
  • Complete 360° reflection

  • Brand management

  • Broad methodological competence

  • Short-term and sustainable sales increase


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