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Management consultancy certifications


UMSATZ SCHMIEDE has also been certified as a management consultancy in order to make official what customers have valued for years.

Why does certification make sense?


The idea of certification is that the customer can receive an independent and neutral assessment of the product or service of the certified company.

UMSATZSCHMIEDE Marketing and Sales Consultancy was successfully certified as a TOP management consultant with a gold seal.

With around 100,000 individual consultants in Germany, the market is particularly confusing for small and medium-sized customer companies.


The certification is therefore a good orientation for more transparency in the selection of the right management consultancy.


Internal and external stable processes and comprehensible quality management have been a very important basis of the consulting activity since UMSATZSCHMIEDE was founded in 2014 and have now been officially sealed:


UMSATZSCHMIEDE is a consultant member of the Hamburger Consulting Forum eV (HCF), in which management consultants, consulting customers and institutional partners have been committed to quality and transparency in the consulting industry since 2004. A prerequisite for membership as a consultant is a written commitment to comply with the criteria developed by the Hamburg Consulting Forum for good consulting practice in the areas of company, collaboration and competence.


The HCF offers its consultant members a three-stage Qualified Personal Audit (QPA) and regular repeat audits. UMSATZSCHMIEDE has been certified since 2019 and has been awarded the “Certified Consultant” seal by the Hamburg Consulting Forum.



Zertifizierter Berater Hamburger Consult Zertifizierung TOP Berater Marketing HCF UMSATZSCHMIEDE Marketingberatung und Vertriebsberatung Hamburg Berlin Christine Witthöft

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Quality management evaluation:

Which areas have been checked?


Criteria that ensure good advisory practice from three areas are considered. It is differentiated according to company sizes. The criteria were developed by the Hamburg Consulting Forum to promote quality and transparency in business consulting:


Company: Established and independent:

  • Active on the market for more than three years

  • Adequate capitalization and entrepreneurial independence

  • Appropriate legal form, proper commercial management and reliable offer and contract management


Collaboration: Active and current:

  • Agile knowledge and innovation management

  • Active quality management

  • Responsible organization and infrastructure


Competence: Effective and Beneficial:

  • Professional excellence in our own consulting segment

  • Specific methodological skills

  • High own contribution in the advisory service

Zertifizierung TOP Berater 2019 UMSATZSC

But how can the quality of the services in the broad field of management consulting be grasped, assessed and increased? UMSATZSCHMIEDE is a member in order to advance these demands in the network.


Since 2004 there has been an association in Hamburg with the Hamburger Consulting Forum (HCF) supported by management consultants, consulting customers and institutional partners, whose aim is to ensure consulting quality in the interests of the consulting industry and its customers.


UMSATZSCHMIEDE is looking forward to continuing the dialog with you and your contact.


Christine Witthöft - entrepreneur with experience as a role model: Notarized by the initiative "WOMEN enter into"


The "FRAUEN unternehmen" initiative was launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in order to encourage women to set up their own business models and to inspire girls to become entrepreneurs. Because although more and more women in Germany decide to be their own boss, the desire to become an entrepreneur is not yet a matter of course for many. Only every third company is run by a woman.

The self-employment rate for women - the percentage of self-employed in all employed persons - is only half as high as for men at 7.6 percent.

As an example of female entrepreneurship, Christine Witthöft is now passing on her inspiration and passion and is looking forward to encouraging girls and women to believe in their own strengths.


UMSATZSCHMIEDE was awarded the Hamburg family seal. This certification is awarded to companies that offer their employees an appropriate work-life balance through their family-friendly company policy.

Hamburger Familiensiegel Zertifizierung

Small and medium-sized companies in particular know that family-friendliness pays off! Research confirms that employees work in family-friendly companies


  • are more satisfied and motivated,

  • to call in sick less often,

  • return earlier from parental leave and

  • Remain loyal to the company and thus retain their valuable knowledge for longer.


UMSATZSCHMIEDE has implemented sustainable measures to improve the compatibility of work and family, which are reasonable in terms of type and scope, taking into account the purpose and size of the company. At UMSATZSCHMIEDE, you can work from the home office and plan your working hours flexibly.


For a conscious employer marketing in particular, it can make sense to deal with these criteria of a family-friendly company:


  • The company offers ample opportunities to shape the length and location of working hours (during the day, over the course of the year).

  • Employees have low-threshold access to relevant information, e.g. B. on parental leave regulations, company agreements, etc.

  • The work can be moved home / to other locations on a case-by-case basis or in a fixed manner.

  • The topic of “compatibility” has a place and value in the corporate principles.

  • As part of personnel development, employees who are or were on part-time or parental leave are equally taken into account and promoted.

  • During family-related absences (parental leave, etc.), the company actively maintains contact with its employees.

  • When planning work, especially vacation, the concerns of employees with families are taken into account.



The Hamburg family seal is awarded by the Hamburg Alliance for Families. The alliance is a joint initiative of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, represented by the Authority for Labor, Social Affairs, Family and Integration (BASFI), the Chamber of Commerce
Hamburg and the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts.


"It's great that at UMSATZSCHMIEDE family issues, such as the lack of childcare in the event of illness, are taken into account. I can reschedule at short notice at any time. Working from home is also a big plus for me."


" UMSATZSCHMIEDE offers the possibility to work from home or remotely. This means that I can combine my lifestyle and work perfectly and also support Christine in urgent and short-term tasks. This is a very good example for me for the fact that modern working time models have a positive effect on cooperation. "


(Employees, UMSATZSCHMIEDE Marketing & Sales Consultancy)


“I support my team in balancing family and work, that's exactly how I set up my company: Agile working hours and mobile working, so you can work flexibly and individually to suit your life situation. Fortunately, all of my employees have a high level of self-motivation and decision-making autonomy. It is my personal concern to convey this to my customer companies. "


(Christine Witthöft, owner of UMSATZSCHMIEDE Marketing & Sales Consultancy)


UMSATZSCHMIEDE will be happy to support you in analyzing which aspects are already being implemented in your company and which areas require change.

The implementation and execution of the criteria listed above can largely contribute to improved employer marketing. In today's world, the "work-life balance" plays an increasingly important role for junior staff and should not only be supported by a social and successful company for this reason. Please feel free to contact us.

Weitere Zertifizierungen & Auszeichnungen:


Autorisierter Berater Offensive Mittelstand gut für Deutschland Initiative neue Qualität d
  • Registrierte Unternehmensberatung für das Vorgründungs- und Nachfolgecoaching beim Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie

  • Registrierte Unternehmensberatung für die Förderung Unternehmerisches Know How beim Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle

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