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"Go-digital" funding program

State-funded advice for all small and medium-sized companies:

Digitize your company now! Apply and save 50% consulting service

Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne
Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne
Digitalisierungsberatung Strategie Works

100% digitization - 50% savings: Potential analysis and creation of a realization concept

Accompany medium-sized companies in the digital transformation: This is possible thanks to the certification of UMSATZSCHMIEDE by the Federal Ministry of Economics as one of the authorized consulting companies in the go-digital funding program. Practical external consulting and implementation services for technological company developments in the field of e-commerce, digitization of the office, digitization of sales and advice on increasing security needs (cyber security). go-digital offers small and medium-sized companies unbureaucratic financial support, because we take over the entire administrative project handling: from the application to the reporting.

Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne

Commercial enterprises (SMEs - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) including craft trades that

  • less than 100 employees

  • Previous year's sales or previous year's balance sheet total of a maximum of EUR 20 million

  • Permanent establishment or branch in Germany

  • Eligibility according to the de minimis regulation for SMEs

Who can be advised in the go-digital funding program?

Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne
Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne

Start-ups can then be advised within the scope of go-digital if a significant business operation with sufficient sales can already be identified.

Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne

Digital business processes


  • Introduction of e-business software solutions for entire or sub-processes of the company, including the most secure processing possible within the company or between the company and customers or business partners

  • Shipping and returns management, logistics, warehousing, electronic payment procedures


Goal: Digitization of work processes in the company as consistently as possible

Funding content - digitization advisory modules -

Digital market development


  • Development of a company-specific online marketing strategy

  • Establishment of a professional website for marketing

  • Introduction of your own online shop or use of external auction, sales or service platforms, as well as social media tools, website monitoring and content marketing

  • Subordinate business processes of an online shop, such as the provision of goods and payment procedures

Goal: To support marketing, opening up new markets and customer groups

Digitale Markterschließung

  • Entwicklung einer unternehmensspezifischen Online-Marketing-Strategie

  • Aufbau einer professionellen Internetpräsenz zur Vermarktung

  • Einführung eines eigenen Online-Shops oder Nutzung externer Auktions-, Verkaufs- oder Dienstleistungsplattformen, sowie auch Social-Media-Tools, Website-Monitoring und Content-Marketing

  • nachgeordnete Geschäftsprozesse eines Online-Shops, wie bspw. die Warenbereitstellung und Zahlungsverfahren

Ziel: Unterstützung der Vermarktung, Erschließung neuer Märkte und Kundengruppen

Interesting: The consulting modules can be combined with one another, whereby IT security is very important. Every consulting service must therefore include compulsory advice on IT security.

Pfeil Beratungsfoerdung BAFA UMSATZSCHMI


  • Die aktive Beteiligung an der sich entwickelnden Datenökonomie voranbringen

  • Verbindung eigener Daten mit externen Datenquellen

Ziel: Durch die Verbesserung der Datenkompetenz sollen Unternehmen befähigt werden, ihre Daten ökonomisch besser zu nutzen. Auch die Sensibilität des Unternehmens für die Nutzung auch künftiger Künstliche Intelligenz (KI)-relevanter Daten soll gesteigert werden. 

IT security


  • Risk and security analysis (evaluation of threats and possible weak points) of the existing or newly planned operational ICT infrastructure

  • Measures to initiate / optimize operational IT security management systems

Goal: Avoidance of economic damage and minimization of risks from cybercrime; Independent operation of essential IT security measures required

Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne

Amount and duration of funding


  • Max. Consultant rate 1,100 EUR / day

  • 50% funding through go-digital

  • A maximum of 30 consultant days in six months are eligible

  • New funding can be applied for 1 year after completion


You decide on your advisory focus and we select the appropriate main advisory module


  • Main module: 20 consultant days

    • Up to 4 consultant days for potential analysis and rough conceptual design

    • Up to 14 consultant days for the development of the realization concept & implementation

    • 2 consultancy days for IT security by an authorized third party expert

  • Secondary module: 10 consultant days

    • Advice & implementation

    • Possibly. An authorized third party expert can be called in for the subjects of ERP, warehousing & logistics


Procedure & details about the content:


  1. Preliminary talk : Based on your wishes, we will work together to develop a concrete, fundable project

  2. Application: The application to the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, we, without creating additional cost to you. We create a project plan and a consulting contract

  3. Approval : The funding will be approved by the responsible body within 1-2 months and you will receive a notification of the grant

  4. Project start : The funded project can now begin


Contents of the consulting contract:


  • Potential analysis and creation of a rough implementation concept

  • Constructive specification and implementation of the implementation concept

    • Number of consultant days

    • Fee payment

    • if necessary own contribution


Project duration: Max. 6 months


Fee payments:


  • As a consulting company, we issue the invoice for the personal contribution as well as the proof of use

  • The subsidy is paid to us, the consulting company after examination, as a subsidy and a de minimis certificate is issued to you, the SME company supported


Exclusion - No funding possible for:


  • Business and management consultancy, legal and tax consultancy as well as further training

  • Liberal professions according to § 18 EstG, i.e. freelancers and self-employed

  • Non-profit companies, foundations and associations

  • Public law companies and religious communities as well as their holdings

  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture companies

  • Insolvent companies and companies in difficulty (Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014

Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne


Use of intelligent digitization solutions to successfully realign your products, your online marketing and your sales.


It is not always easy to analyze and adapt your own processes and working methods in everyday business. Optimizations move your company forward, but represent an obstacle and loss of time in operational operations. UMSATZSCHMIEDE helps you not to lose focus, to make the right decisions and to implement measures that advance your company.


Based on a recording of the current state of your company, we will work together to develop a leading roadmap for the digitization of your company. We are happy to assist you with the implementation so that you benefit from the digital transformation in the long term.


What does UMSATZSCHMIEDE consulting offer:


Individual, professional advice and implementation in the three funding modules of digitized market development, digital business processes and IT security. Orientation of the advice to the needs of the beneficiary company and the associated selection of modules.


Tasks of the SALES FORGE:


  • Assumption of overall responsibility for the project

  • Application to the project management agency Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

  • Competitive advice from analysis to implementation

  • Documentation of the provision of services in the proof of use, consisting of numerical evidence as well as a meaningful, comprehensible factual report


Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne

What actually is digitization? Here's an example:

In a side street of a major German city, an established men's outfitter makes high-quality tailored suits for its small customer base. The tailor took the detailed body measurements of his customers one by one using a tape measure and for a long time only recorded them with a pencil and an index card. For every new order he manually transferred these measurements to the tailor's mask, even from regular customers. He only won a few new customers and more by chance.


Via the go-digital funding program, the men's ready-to-wear tailor found tailor-made advice and financial support in order to digitize its essential work processes and develop an individual online marketing concept. With a tool tailored to his needs, he can now enter the measurements of his customers directly into the tailor's mask using a tablet and add them to a customer master data sheet. The digital customer measurements form the basis for future custom-made products and the rental of tuxedos, which has become the company's second mainstay. Customers whose dimensions are stored can rent their tuxedo quickly and easily with a click of the mouse on the new website or purchase branded accessories at special prices in the online shop. The men's outfitter now has almost 700 registered customers and employs three instead of one external bespoke tailor.


According to the owner, this success would have been unthinkable without go-digital.



Go-digital Foerderung Digitalisierung Ne

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Marketing & Sales Consultancy

Owner Christine Witthöft

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20148 Hamburg

Exemplary topics in which UMSATSZCHMIEDE accompanies you:


  • New campaign website

  • Social media campaigns for new product launches

  • Internet optimizations for more attention from Google and Google users

  • Digital sales strategies and digital solutions for pipeline management

  • Digitization of products and catalogs

    ... you decide what your digitization topic is. Contact us!

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