With the current corona virus, many companies face new challenges. UMSATZSCHMIEDE will be happy to advise you on crisis management and show you quick and helpful solutions.

Thanks to new analysis options, you can provide feedback within a day on how successful your company is on the Internet and what simple means your company needs to unlock untapped potential for success.


We implement website optimization within 1 week.

Crisis management in times of the corona pandemic

Due to the corona pandemic, short-term liquidity protection and taxation affects almost all companies and the company's economic situation takes a back seat. How long will the money last?

It is important to act now and to deal with the following topics:

  • Create transparency and security of action

  • Apply for and claim public funding (e.g. via the federal government's protective shield)

  • Stabilization of liquidity

Since this topic is mostly new territory for previously economically healthy companies, UMSATZSCHMIEDE offers advice in the field of crisis management - adapted to the current situation due to the corona virus.

Your challenges:


  • Slump in sales due to falling demand

  • Covering ongoing costs

  • Organization of home office

  • Compilation of a
    Expert teams

  • New digital equipment for
    Home office application

  • Online visibility and
    Social media

Our solutions:
  • Liquidity planning based on actual data

  • Fast & short-term digitization measures

  • Advice on the use of public funding

  • Advice on short-time work benefits and direct grants

  • Internal organization and strategy

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Online shop creation

Your advantages:
  • Optimized processes

  • Increased security and solvency

  • Fast implementation

  • Professional know-how

Advice support for times of crisis

You can find information on advisory support on our website at https://www. turnoverschmiede.com/bafaberatungsfoerderung

UMSATZSCHMIEDE Marketing and Sales Consultancy
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Soforthilfen Corona Pandemie Krisenmanag

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Marketing & Sales Consultancy in Hamburg
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Marketing & Sales Consultancy in Hamburg
Phone +49 40 889 33 056

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