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State-funded BAFA management consultancy

BAFA Consulting 50% or 90% state support thanks to consulting funding for companies in difficulty by the Hamburg consultant of UMSATZ SCHMIEDE Marketing and sales consulting for small companies, medium-sized companies and freelancers in times of reorientation and strengthening for the future.

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Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

BAFA für Jung- und Bestandsunternehmen


BAFA funding program to promote entrepreneurial know-how for start-ups and existing companies: up to 50% funding of consulting services


BAFA's “Promotion of Entrepreneurial Know-how” is a support program for qualified advice. BAFA has been co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) of the European EU since 2005.

The following are funded:


  • Young companies up to 2 years after founding: Funding rate 50%, a maximum of € 2,000 subsidized by the state, i.e. a maximum consulting service of € 4,000 net

  • Existing company from the 3rd year after founding: Funding rate 50%, maximum € 1,500, i.e. maximum consulting service of € 3,000 net


If these criteria apply, please call the Chamber of Commerce responsible for you and ask for a telephone consultation and that the BAFA-ID of UMSATZSCHMIEDE is stored: ID # 157184 .


If your application is approved, you will receive mail from BAFA, we will make an appointment and can get started.




The UMSATZSCHMIEDE marketing and sales consultancy
is registered as a BAFA consultant under ID # 157184




Do you need help with the application?

Here we have explained every step for you!
For follow-up advice ? Right this way.

Pfeil Beratungsfoerdung BAFA UMSATZSCHMI

Official information as PDF for download:

If you would like to read more information, I recommend the following links from BAFA: Geschäftsberatung/unternehmensberatung.html?nn=8062106

List of all economic classifications here

Kostenübersicht BAFA
Overview of costs for BAFA advice

As a "company in difficulty" , in addition to the funded initial consultation, you can receive follow-up advice at the same funding rate and thus the same costs.

BAFA Foerderung Erstberatung Folgeberatu

Follow-up advice is additional advice to deepen the measures , to restore performance and competitiveness, to all economic, financial, personnel and organizational questions of corporate management. This can be requested via the BAFA website within 3 months without a further information meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and is again funded to 90%.

We have explained for you here how exactly you apply for follow-up advice.

Good to know:

  1. Any company in difficulty can informally apply for follow-up advice after the initial consultation.


Consulting service:
€ 3,000 initial consultation
+ € 3,000 follow-up advice


90% state funding:
€ 2,700 + € 2,700


10% (net) own costs for the company: 300 € + 300 €
+ 570 € VAT + 570 € VAT


More information here.

BAFA für Unternehmen in Schwierigkeiten


BAFA funding program for companies in difficulty: 90% funding for up to € 3,000 consulting funding with 10% personal contribution (€ 300 net) to restore performance and competitiveness

Possible consulting content to restore the performance and competitiveness of your company:


  • Restoring and securing liquidity

  • Analysis and optimization of your cost structure

  • Development of new business areas

  • New marketing strategies

  • Further crisis management


If the company gets into difficulties, they must be resolved as quickly as possible and the company supported. In order to restore your performance and competitiveness, it makes sense to use a management consultancy.


Good to know: Companies are eligible to apply as "companies in difficulty" from the first day after they are founded.


A company finds itself in trouble when it is unable, with its own financial resources and without government support, to compensate for losses that would drive the company into economic ruin. Whether the definition “firm in difficulty” exists is described in the following “Community guidelines on state aid for rescuing and restructuring firms in difficulty”:


  • Decline in sales

  • Increase in loss

  • Profit reduction

  • Growing debt

  • The capital reduction has been more than 50% over the entire period since the company was founded and more than 25% in the last 12 months

  • The conditions for opening insolvency proceedings provided for in national law are met.

  • Growing inventories, overcapacities

  • Decrease to the point of loss of the net asset value


Good to know: Even companies that are not currently, but in the near future, such as B. due to the loss of a major customer, are in trouble, can receive funding under the conditions for companies in difficulty. The situation must be presented with budget figures in the advisory report to be prepared and also explained accordingly.


If these criteria apply, then please call the Chamber of Commerce responsible for you and ask for the necessary informational talk over the phone and explain that you would like to submit a BAFA application “company in difficulty”. For the application, enter the date of the information meeting and the BAFA ID # 157184 of the UMSATZSCHMIEDE.


If your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail as well as post with BAFA's approval. Then we make an appointment and can get started.


Good to know: Follow-up advice for companies in difficulty is additional advice to deepen the measures, to restore performance and competitiveness, on all economic, financial, personnel and organizational questions of corporate management. This can be requested via the BAFA website within 3 months without a further information meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and is again funded to 90%.


Not eligible for application / funding:

  • Companies as well as members of the liberal professions who are or are active in management or economic consulting, auditing or accounting, tax consulting or as a lawyer, as a notary, as an insolvency administrator or in a similar manner in an advisory or training capacity want

  • Companies for whose assets insolvency proceedings have been applied for or opened or which meet the requirements for opening insolvency proceedings

  • Companies that have a participation relationship with religious communities, legal entities under public law or their own businesses

  • Non-profit companies and non-profit associations as well as foundations

  • It should also be noted that advice from companies, e.g. companies in primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture, or on content that is excluded according to Article 1 paragraph of Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013, cannot be funded


Please note before submitting an application:


  • Before application companies need to run a free information session with a local sales representative about the prerequisites for funding in trouble. The choice of the regional contact person is left to the respective company. It must be a regional contact person registered with a control center. To do this, you can, for example, contact the responsible chamber of commerce .

  • There must be no more than three months between the interview and the application. If the three months are exceeded, an information meeting must be held again.

  • The control center involved checks the formal funding requirements in advance and informs the company about the result, the conditions of the funding and the submission deadlines for the proof of use. She then forwards the documents to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) for a decision.

  • Advice can only be started after receiving this non-binding prospect of funding, otherwise no subsidy can be granted. Retroactive funding is excluded. The conclusion of a contract on the measure to be provided also counts as the beginning of the consultation.

Christine Witthoeft Kurzvita Interim Man

Regional partner / your responsible chamber of commerce:

BAFA Folgeberatung
BAFA Förderung: Spezielle Beratungen


BAFA funding program "Special Consultations"

In order to counter structural inequalities, additional advisory services can be funded in addition to the topics of general advice. This includes advice from companies that

  • be led by women.

  • are led by migrants.

  • are run by entrepreneurs with recognized disabilities.

  • Contribute to the better integration of employees with a migration background.

  • Contribute to the organization of work for employees with disabilities.

  • contribute to attracting and securing skilled workers.

  • contribute to equality and a better work-life balance.

  • contribute to the age-appropriate design of the work.

  • contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.

Rückzahlung BAFA

Reimbursement of BAFA costs


After the consultation, you can then log in using this upload link with your 7-digit IDENTIFICATION. You can find this in the BAFA advisory letter at the top right in the header, behind the UBF number. For your PASSWORD , please use your five-digit postcode .


Please select the following in the BAFA system : Management consulting


Please add consultation costs, consultation start, consultation period, consultation days and consultation goal .


The repayment is usually made within 2 weeks to 2 months. As of February 2021: Due to the increasing number of BAFA applications, I have learned that processing is currently taking more time than usual and that we can expect delays.




The content of all BAFA texts was taken from the official BAFA pages and the BAFA documents available to us and presented in simplified text form in order to make them more reader-friendly.


The BAFA website is legally binding for the BAFA applicant / entrepreneur and can be accessed at: Unternehmensberatung/unternehmensberatung_node.html

We hereby expressly exclude liability for the legal basis when applying for and claiming state BAFA funding.


The decision to apply for and use subsidized state funding rests solely with the applicant / entrepreneur.


The control centers of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry appointed by BAFA will advise you in a legally secure manner in the BAFA information meeting with regard to the basis of your claim and what to look out for.


UMSATZ SCHMIEDE, as a certified BAFA consulting company, exclusively provides corporate know-how transfer advice.


Further advisory funding for start-ups


All other funding programs for startups can be found separately on our website

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