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References from marketing and sales consulting


Satisfied and successful customers and recommendations are our reference as marketing advice and sales advice.

Here you will find a selection of references: regional and international customers and employers. Perhaps you too will soon be part of the circle of satisfied customers and recommend me to others, as I have generated more than the desired added value for you. Be it for board members and managing directors of start-ups, small or medium-sized companies that want sales growth or marketing managers of large companies or corporations who want to successfully implement new marketing strategies - we are there for you when you need us.

Project references
Referenzen Start-up Mentoring UMSATZSCHMIEDE Unternehmensberatung Hamburg Online Marketing

Customer testimonials

"We enjoy working with Christine Witthöft from the sales smithy ...


Christine Witthöft supported us in the development and implementation of the strategic and tactical marketing plans for the DACH region. Her strengths lie in process thinking with pragmatic solutions that are always focused on growth and success. "

Roger Karner, Managing Director, Philips Lighting GmbH, lighting systems

"Modern marketing is becoming increasingly complex. It is good to have a reliable and committed partner like the sales smithy ...


An important point was the long-term strategy development, which was largely developed by Ms. Witthöft according to our needs. Working with Ms. Witthöft was very relaxed and always goal-oriented. We are very satisfied with the ideas, the execution of the work and the sustainable results. "


Karsten Meier, Managing Director AERIAL GmbH, Dantherm Group

"Our management team is actively supported by the sales forge and Ms. Witthöft ...


to adapt the organizational structure and process organization, as well as to improve the customer orientation. Thanks to Ms. Witthöft, our company and division goals were defined in a strategy workshop in a very systematic and results-oriented manner. Through the professional moderation and impulses from Ms. Witthöft, we were able to get to the point in a short time and name the focus activities and go into implementation. "

Stefan Ellendt, board member of the Kaltenkirchen building cooperative,

Real estate industry

"Thanks to Ms. Witthöft, complex topics are clear ...


Ms. Witthöft managed to penetrate the complex situation of our company within a very short time and gave recommendations for action. Now she supports us in the realignment. "

Chairman of the Board, listed brand name, FMCG industry


"Thank you again for the beautiful and very productive workshop. I look forward to the next steps."


Marlen Schrader, Chief Operations Officer, EnglishBusiness AG, training & specialist translations

"With the professional support of Ms. Witthöft ....


we catch up on what has been missed for a long time, sharpen our company profile and open up new customer groups. We benefit from Ms. Witthöft's technical know-how, many years of experience, strategic thinking and her good empathy. We look forward to a long-term, successful collaboration and recommend the blacksmith shop. "

Stephan Stuby, Managing Director, Fakon Wind GmbH,

Service industry wind energy


"At the end of the management workshop of the forge, many questions have been answered, repositioning
clearly defined and setting screws for employee motivation have been clarified ...


Christine Witthöft's open and clear manner gave us security very quickly and sensitized us to new knowledge just as quickly. Descriptive representations, an RPG and DIY topics have given space and reason to think and linger. "


Team leader, real estate business

"We thank the sales forge for the valuable support and cooperation ...


Ms. Witthöft is a very positive and clear personality who communicates excellently with colleagues at all hierarchical levels and thus creates the foundation for a trusting cooperation and brings her valuable experience and expertise to bear in a variety of ways. We are therefore pleased to extend the collaboration beyond the originally planned period and thank you for the valuable support. ”

Ulrike Vollmöller, Vice President Marketing, Edding AG,

listed brand name, FMCG industry


"Thank you, forge, for the excellent advice ...


Christine Witthöft gave us excellent advice on the redesign of our company homepage and our offer profile. Thanks to her focused approach and quick comprehension, this project was realized in a very short time. "

Bettina von Oesterreich, managing director, BVO Consult GmbH, management consultancy


"Through Ms. Witthöft's wealth of experience, she enables me to take the right steps ...


I am glad and proud to have Mrs. Witthöft on board for my company foundation. Through her personal and professional competence, Ms. Witthöft enables me to choose the right steps and to take them now. I am convinced that we will continue to work together successfully ... "

Start-up managing director, management consultancy real estate industry

"Working with Christine Witthöft is a stroke of luck for us ...


We are running out with significant double-digit sales growth at the end of the year, much higher than originally planned. Ms. Witthöft from the sales smithy made a significant contribution. She has been advising and supporting us for a year in the areas of marketing, sales and leadership with great success. We continue to work closely with Ms. Witthöft and would be happy to recommend Ms. Witthöft to other managers. "

Tatjana Teinert, Managing Director, Medilog Hamburg Teinert GmbH, service and trade branch


"We look forward to further exciting projects - together with the sales smithy and Christine Witthöft ...


Through our network we came to Christine Witthöft's blacksmith shop. After a short introductory phase, it quickly became clear to us that we wanted to tackle our internal restructuring together with her. In a very short time, Ms. Witthöft, through her very natural demeanor and the way she accompanied projects, gained the trust of the board and the staff. What have we achieved so far? We organized a team day. Never existed before. Ms. Witthöft turned the entire website upside down on the 70th anniversary of the construction cooperative Sachsenwald eG. So far, only positive feedback from business partners and customers. In addition to the above-mentioned points, Christine Witthöft is also available at all times for coaching questions. "


Dirk Reiche, Member of the Board, Baugenossenschaft Sachsenwald eG, Real Estate Industry


"The workshop time is used productively and efficient results are achieved in the familiar environment, which enable the company, the team and the participants to have good, future-oriented cooperation ...


As part of a workshop for prospective managers, we have already had some appointments with Christine Witthöft from the sales smithy and we look forward to further cooperation. "


Management workshop participants: team leader, real estate industry

"We are happy to recommend Ms. Witthöft and her work ...


Thanks to Ms. Witthöft's support, our new website with our updated offer has finally gone online. Your structured approach in surveying, analyzing and putting together the essentials has led us to success quickly and efficiently. We are very grateful for the great conception, SEO advice and implementation. "

Thomas Arnold, Managing Director, a & p print + services Ltd. & Co. KG, service and production industry


"We warmly recommend Ms. Witthöft ...


Ms. Witthöft has a very quick grasp, which enabled her to quickly grasp the current situation in our company and to recommend the appropriate sales measures to us. She is an excellent consultant with a lot of expertise and was able to really help us. ”

Kourosh Bagheri, Managing Director, Hansemartik GbR, IT industry


"Christine Witthöft from UMSATZSCHMIEDE is helping you and your company achieve your KPIs…


Christine's ability to connect with people and understand their needs from day one is a unique trait that brings that brings with it positive outcomes. She's very down-to-earth and creates a comfortable environment. It creates value for your business where you didn't know it could be created and this is what makes her so valuable. ”


Anthony Armiger II, Business Development Manager, EnglishBusiness AG, translations and English training

"Thanks to Ms. Witthöft from the sales smithy, our company has been realigned and fully digitized ...


For me, Christine Witthöft is a person who has a very positive energy and is always solution-oriented. She thinks highly strategically, which is particularly important for companies in transition and realignment. It clarifies unclear situations and is the right one for complex decision-making situations. The way she works with our team strengthens our team spirit and deepens our team spirit within the company. It's priceless and worth more than gold. "



Lorenzo Lu, Managing Director, Milano Fashion GmbH, fashion design & B2B & online trade


"Thanks to Christine Witthöft from the sales smithy, our conversation with an important donor was absolutely round ...


Christine Witthöft supported our nonprofit educational institution in fundraising and worked with the management to develop a storyline with key messages for an important donor. "

Verena Fritzsche, Managing Director, NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management gGmbH, private university

Our success is based on the recommendation of satisfied customers:


Therefore we look forward to any recommendation. Our new customers have a clear vision of where they want to go and know that they need outside advice to define the path and focus together. At the same time, they provide all the necessary internal resources and marketing budget to make the realignment successful.


Customer references

  • AERIAL GmbH, mechanical engineering

  • ALEA GmbH, training and process support

  • Alstertext GmbH, medical translation

  • Building cooperative Sachsenwald, real estate

  • Bauverein Kaltenkirchen cooperative, real estate

  • BerndtSteinKinder Foundation, Education

  • BirdieMatch GmbH, online job portal

  • Boston Scientific, medical technology

  • BVO Consult GmbH, business consulting

  • CG-ITEC GmbH, trade and service

  • Edding International AG, consumer goods industry

  • Emovum GmbH, electrical automotive industry

  • EnglishBusiness AG, translations and English training

  • FAKON Wind GmbH, advice and service

  • Facts + Stories GmbH, market research advice

  • HARTMANN AG, medical devices

  • Hilker & Pahl Gesellschaft für Datentechnik GmbH, IT system house

  • Intersoft Consulting Services AG, data protection, IT security & IT forensics

  • Köber Großhansdorf Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, tax advice

  • Laverana GmbH & Co. KG, natural cosmetics

  • Mediaire GmbH, radiology software

  • Medilog Hamburg Teinert GmbH, Homecare

  • NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management gGmbH, private university

  • Personality training, training and seminars

  • Philips Lighting GmbH, consumer goods lighting and smart home systems

  • Profilium GmbH, IT process consulting and training

  • SafeRetoure GmbH, transport packaging

  • Stephen Hull Associates, Medical Business Consulting

  • SCHMIDT Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, tax advice

  • Skyliner GmbH, event organizer

  • Symm GmbH, meeting software

  • TENZIR GmbH, IT security software

  • Terrot GmbH, textile machine construction

  • TONALISTEN gGmbH, artist ambassador

  • Working Light LED Lichtsysteme GmbH, light technology service

Employer references

  • AAP Implantate AG, Medical technology

  • Abbott Deutschland GmbH, Pharma

  • AERIAL GmbH, Mechanical engineeering

  • ALEA GmbH, Training and process suppost

  • Alstertext GmbH, Medical translation

  • Baugenossenschaft Sachsenwald, Real estate

  • Bauverein Kaltenkirchen Genossenschaft, real estate

  • Beiersdorf AG mit NIVEA, Consumer goods (beauty)

  • BerndtSteinKinder Stiftung, Education

  • BirdieMatch GmbH, Online job portal

  • BVO Consult GmbH, Consultant

  • CG-ITEC GmbH, Trade and service

  • Coloplast GmbH, Medical products

  • Edding International AG, Cosumer goods (stationery)

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