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Our strengths are new business models based on digital product solutions. Redesign of your online marketing presence and customer approach thanks to new digital communication channels that strategically ensure success. Our reflection on your 360 ° marketing shows potential for your improved external appearance, such as website, search engine text optimization or PR work. From analysis to implementation - everything from a single source.



Digitalization is changing and improving our lives, the market and society in a wide area. Above all, the optimization of processes and workflows, as well as new sources of communication and information make our everyday life easier, both privately and commercially.

Digitalisierung Strategieworkshop UMSATZ

A digital transformation strategy is a concept that helps companies manage the transformations that result from the integration of digital technologies. It should also support the operational business after the transformation. Digital transformation strategies include changes and implications for employees, work processes, products, services and business models as a whole.


As a company, you should take advantage of this change. Marketing is increasingly shifting to the Internet, especially to social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, XING and Facebook. This means that every customer reflects information and advertising more intensively, but can also make a purchase decision more quickly. The customer is no longer the anonymous person at the checkout. His review is indirect advertising for your product and company. At the same time, you can use software systems to analyze extensive data about the buyers and thus your target group in real time and match your advertising and channels accordingly: Keyword Big Data.


Digitization involves much more than building an internet presence for your company. It is crucial that you, as a company, prepare for the digital transformation, grow with it and create the technical prerequisites to remain competitive in the future.


Start-up consulting in the field of artificial intelligence or blockchain is also our strength. We are a founding member of the HANSEATIC BLOCKCHAIN ​​INSTITUTES to bundle and share all activities and possible applications in the expert network.




  • Digitization is not a value in itself. What do you want to achieve in which period? Why do you think customers will like your idea?

  • Have you developed a digital strategy?

    • The basic idea should be to find out where the added value will go in the future and to define the goals of the company accordingly

    • A lot of foresight and creativity is required because new business models can differ significantly from existing forms of business

  • Have you set clear goals and made them measurable?

    • Think through the possibilities of using connectivity and data to redesign services and enable new ways of customer interaction

    • 'Think great' - take the position of an active investor


You don't have a digital strategy for your company yet? Talk to us, we look forward to your wishes and ideas!

Competitiveness through digitization

It is not always easy to analyze and adapt your own processes and working methods in everyday business. Optimizations bring your business forward, but put in operations more of a hindrance and time loss. UMSATZSCHMIEDE supports you not to lose focus, to make the right decisions and implement measures that competition your company.

Your challenges:


  • Long-established processes

  • Lack of knowledge and digital management of employees

  • Division of work in need of improvement

  • High costs due to long processes

Our solution:


  • Employee training in the field of digitization and sustainable working

  • Improving the working atmosphere and cooperation (teamwork)

  • Digitization of processes and procedures (including paperless office, document management, use of helpful software and hardware)

  • Development of a digital marketing concept

Your advantage:


  • Time and cost savings

  • Knowledge building of your employees

  • Collection, investigation and evaluation of company data by digital statistics

  • Make decisions more easily

  • Digital marketing can reach a large and defined target group

  • Flexible and fast data exchange through cloud solutions

  • More transparency and display options for your products

  • New sales channels


Marketing & Sales Consultancy in Hamburg
Phone +49 40 889 33 056


Marketing & Sales Consultancy in Hamburg
Phone +49 40 889 33 056

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